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Systemische Therapie
Systemisches Berufscoaching

I am Elisabeth Baulitz. My systemic coachings are for individuals, couples, teams and groups.
A group constellation may be of help considering physical, professional or personal issues.
My energy work I offer by applying the 2point method is helpful for any issue whatsoever and can be applied one to one as well as a remote treatment.

Originally coming from the theater, I have been particularly interested and fascinated with entire, whole systems over all the years I have been on stage until today. The plays from the Theater de Complicite were always particularly close to my heart.

Today I understand why: the entire ensemble is involved in the creative process, everyone is on stage, sometimes places are portrayed by people and so alive...

This is how today I see the principle of healing: if a place in a system is sick, be it an organ in the body, a member in a family, be it that a team member's work is not appreciated or an entire continent is burning on earth: always the entire system is involved and will sooner or later feel the effects.
We therefore need to see the whole system in order to invite and enable healing. When that happens, the system can heal and reorganize itself. This self-regulating process in a system is then full of grace.

That's why healing is always systemic for me. That’s why I always include the entire system in my consultations - via system setups in groups, innerworld-travels, setups with figures or floor- anchors or via energetic Coachings, using the 2point method, which I also teach.

All consultations - apart from systemic constellations in a group - can also be booked online via zoom. In addition, I pass on my knowledge from time to time in topic-related online courses.
You will find the most suitable form for your own request.

I am deeply grateful for this work and look forward to meeting and accompanying you!

Systemic constellations allow us to examine all kinds of connections for example, family, physical and work systems.


With the help of the 2point method we can easily and effectively reach ethereal changes in the field.


Somatic Experience is a method of working with overwhelming, challenging life all artistic professions.

Die therapeutischen Sitzungen biete ich laut HP-Gesetz umsatzsteuerbefreit an;

 alle beruflichen und Paar-Coachings berechne ich als Coachingsessions zzgl. Umsatzsteuer.


Bitte buche / bucht dementsprechend auf den Seiten und

schreibt mir danach eine mail zwecks Terminvereinbarung

Plough the field and you will unearth treasure.



After booking a session please emailcontact@feldarbeit-eb.dewrite so we can make an appointment.


The place for your own lineup is secured as soon as the money has been received.
Cancellations of courses are 100% chargeable from 14 days before the start of the course, unless a client can be found
who takes the place. 

For donations:

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Plough the field and you will unearth treasure.



Born in Hamburg in 1973, Elisabeth lives in Berlin with her 3 children and husband.


Somatic Experience, Doris Rothbauer


Timeless Wisdom Training, Thomas Hübl

Mystical Principles, Thomas Hübl

Training for Matrix 2 point instructor, Martina and Frank Klimpel

Training for screenplay constellation, Matthias Varga v. Kibed

Transparent Communication, Thomas Hübl

The Work, Byron Katie

Higher consciousness constellation training, Stephen Busby

Training for system constellation and systemic consultation at the Ammerseeinstitut with Stephan Hausner, Hedi Leitner-Diehl, Gunthard Weber u.a.

Trained actress at Mozarteum Salzburg


Elisabeth Baulitz as an actress:



Corinna Radeske


Creating clarity, respecting myself, setting goals, looking lovingly at others and at myself...I learn all of this here. This leads to a greatly improved quality of life, more valuable communication with employees, customers and family and thus more harmony in my environment. It is a privilege and a great gift to be able to work with Elisabeth. I will be eternally grateful for that!




With the help of Feldarbeit, I literally faced the limiting structures of my past and healed my inner life a little with a farewell.  Elisabeth always accompanied this process competently and warmly - with clear language, a high degree of empathy and a pronounced sense for the essentials.


Miriam F

Actress for physical theater and teacher

By working with Elisabeth Baulitz, I have learned to overcome my inner conflict, fear and insecurity again and again and to trust in life.  Since then, I have been able to implement things that I have always wanted, privately and professionally.  Working with Elisabeth helps me to reorient myself and realize my dreams step by step.  What I have been experiencing ever since is a life full of new discoveries, joy and, above all, deep trust.


Balint Toth

Actor Director Author 

Your openness, the clarity of your intention, how lovingly you hold the space and that everything and everyone is invited, just as it is, all that and much more touches me deeply.


Luna Garcia Fernandez

Educational Consultant and Coach for Personality Development, Communication & Conflict Training

I spent a whole weekend watching Elisabeth accompany young people through their constellations, questions and emotions.  Elisabeth has such a precise way of picking up people and accompanying them wherever they are. The combination of knowledge and intuition makes it an incredibly successful method of constellation work for me. I regard her connection to a higher level of knowledge, as well as her very concrete examination of the human system and its structure as a holistic process.



Student of Educational Science

My own constellation with Elisabeth opened my heart in the truest sense of the word.  Her care and safety radiating made it very easy for me to get fully involved in the process of constellating.  As a represent, I was able to witness how precisely she perceives the development in the established field and gets to the heart of the process.
To this day I am full of gratitude and love for her work - a true gift, which I would like to give to everyone.


Teresa Harder


I felt alive, supported and valued in my constellation. You have been very specific about each impulse and have helped me to redirect my inner scenario. Your work is very deep and has really moved me. That is very valuable.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Balint Toth

Actor Director Author 

Your openness, the clarity of your intention, how lovingly you hold the space and that everything and everyone is invited, just as it is, all that and much more touches me deeply.

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